Contract Job Opportunities

[ Updated on 29.07.2021 ]

 This section lists only the contract job opportunities offered by Alfa Rom. For permanent positions with Alfa Rom, please see the Career page.

 The external contract job opportunities are listed below. To apply for a specific position, please follow the instructions in the How to Apply page.

 For the candidates without security clearance, Alfa Rom has the ability to request initial clearance investigations.

 Depending on the successful candidate's performance, the contracts may be extended.

 Notice: Depending on the assignment location, candidates must be eligible to work in the EU, UK or USA. The job descriptions are as provided by the Alfa Rom's client. The contracted work will be executed at the location and under the conditions specified by the Alfa Rom's client.

Available Contract Jobs:

ID Position Location  
21251 Technician (SATCOM) Bydgoszcz, Poland
21252 Technician (SATCOM) Bydgoszcz, Poland
21253 Staff Assistant (Ground Logistics) Bydgoszcz, Poland
21254 Technician (Communications Operations and Maintenance) Bydgoszcz, Poland
21314 NATO HQ - ICT Project Coordinator / Business Analyst Brussels, Belgium
21315 Enterprise Security Accreditation Brussels, Belgium
21316 Senior Technician System Mons, Belgium
21317 CSU Brussels - Database Administrator Brussels, Belgium
21318 Engineer (MISP) Mons, Belgium
21319 Senior Technician CSD - Level B4 Mons, Belgium
21320 IT Security / Firewall Engineer Mons, Belgium
21321 First Line Security Event Analyst (FLSEA) 2 Mons, Belgium
21322 System Engineer (Security) The Hague, Netherlands
21323 ACQ Chief Assistant - EBA Neo Go Live Support Brussels, Belgium
21324 IT OPS FAS Specialist 9 The Hague, Netherlands
21325 Senior Architect AMDC2 SEB The Hague, Netherlands
21326 VTC Technician B5 Level Mons, Belgium
21327 VTC Technician B5 Level Mons, Belgium
21328 Incident Coordinator Brunssum, Netherlands
21329 Principal Technician (Functional Area Services) Ramstein, Germany
21330 CSU Brussels - iPhone Distribution Technician Brussels, Belgium
21331 CSU Brussels - Senior Technician (Service Delivery) Brussels, Belgium
21332 CSU Brussels - iPhone Distribution Technician Brussels, Belgium