Contract Job Opportunities

[ Updated on 15.10.2021 ]

 This section lists only the contract job opportunities offered by Alfa Rom. For permanent positions with Alfa Rom, please see the Career page.

 The external contract job opportunities are listed below. To apply for a specific position, please follow the instructions in the How to Apply page.

 For the candidates without security clearance, Alfa Rom has the ability to request initial clearance investigations.

 Depending on the successful candidate's performance, the contracts may be extended.

 Notice: Depending on the assignment location, candidates must be eligible to work in the EU, UK or USA. The job descriptions are as provided by the Alfa Rom's client. The contracted work will be executed at the location and under the conditions specified by the Alfa Rom's client.

Available Contract Jobs:

ID Position Location  
21353 Crypto Modernisation Risk Assessment Brussels, Belgium
21355 Enterprise Security Risk Manager Brussels, Belgium
21357 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Support Brussels, Belgium
21442 Translation Support to IMS Linguistic Services Section Brussels, Belgium
21466 BMC Remedy ITSM Developer Mons, Belgium
21467 Building Security Manager Braine-l'Alleud Mons, Belgium
21468 Building and Facilities Manager - Braine-l'Alleud Mons, Belgium
21469 Senior Maintenance Technician - Braine-l'Alleud Mons, Belgium
21470 Occupational H&S Braine-l'Alleud Mons, Belgium
21471 Building Security Assistant - Braine-l'Alleud Mons, Belgium
21472 Engineer (Umbrella Management) Mons, Belgium
21473 NCDF Tools SW Developer The Hague, Netherlands
21474 Second Line Security Event Analyst - Threat Hunter Mons, Belgium
21475 Staff Assistant (Security) Bydgoszcz, Poland
21476 Cyber Security Event Analyst Mons, Belgium
21477 ESOC SharePoint Site Collections Specialist Mons, Belgium
21478 Principal Technician (Reference Facility) Mons, Belgium
21479 Senior Technical Lead Mons, Belgium
21480 Senior IT Change and Configuration Manager Mons, Belgium
21481 Enterprise Cybersecurity Incident Manager Brussels, Belgium