Book Launch Event at the Romanian Academy

Bucharest, 12.09.2018

 Daniel Lapadatu, the Technical Director, and Dan Vartejaru, the Administration Manager of Alfa Rom Consulting, participated to the launch of volume "Romanian School of Micro- and Nanoelectronics", an event organised by and at the Romanian Academy.

 The volume, published by the Romanian Academy Publishing House, as a supplement of the "Romanian Civilization" collection, presents how the Romanian specialists in this avant-garde field have been formed and performed in the country and abroad. The volume is a mosaic of contributions - including some by Mr Lapadatu, containing biographical notes and descriptions of Romanian companies and research institutes active in micro- and nanoelectronics. 

 Together with ON SemiconductorInfineon Technologies Romania and Honeywell Romania, Alfa Rom is presented in Chapter 8 of the volume as one of the Romanian companies that have a strong international presence in the field.

 Acad. Victor Spinei, Vice-President of the Romanian Academy, initiator and co-ordinator of the collection "Romanian Civilization", acad. Dan Dascalu, co-ordinator of the volume, and Dr. Andreas Wild, co-author of the volume, former research director at Motorola and consultant in nanoelectronics and integrated systems, were among the speakers who took the floor during the event.

 This event prepared the "Romanians in Micro- and Nanoelectronics" Forum, which will be organized by the Romanian Academy on November 2018, with the participation of a significant number of specialists whose biographical notes appear in this book.